Jan Olson



jan's pic for bioDr. Jan Olson has worked in both the financial and marketing field before entering the world of anthropology.  Her Doctorate in Anthropology offered excellent training for teaching (at both MacEwan University and the University of Alberta), collecting oral histories and stories.  While she has traditionally worked in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador, she now focuses her attention on the history of the Mill Creek area of Edmonton. Jan grew up in these woods and is returning to her roots where she is raising a family and working as an anthropologist. Jan has been the historian for two Living Local grants and is working on a book about the collective memory of people living in the 99th Street area.  Jan has recently started a company “The Working Memory” where she interviews people to record their stories and personal histories for the next generations to hear (audio), see (video) and read (book).  Jan comes from a long line of historians and is overjoyed that she can produce items of value for various clients.  Her website is www.theworkingmemory.com.