Strathcona Rail Community Garden

Welcome to the Strathcona Rail Community Garden website. The garden is situated in Edmonton, Alberta, beside the High Level Bridge Streetcar line at approximately 106 Street and 87th Avenue (see map below).

Map of our garden location


The Strathcona Rail Community Garden, between 105 and 106 Street at 86 Avenue, has been a unique feature in the Old Strathcona neighborhood since the 1960s. At one time, around 2008, a proposal to destroy the garden to build a condominium was made. The city’s Parks department petitioned Edmonton to make sure this didn’t happen.

The land on which the garden was located in the Strathcona Community has been acquired for the purpose of community gardening in 2009. Just before the area became a community garden, large lots were leased to individual lessees through Asset Management and Public Works. Public meetings, inviting the long term gardeners and potential new gardeners, were held to start the process of creating a new community gardening group. There was much interest generated and the new garden group was created. The garden is now named the Strathcona Rail Community Garden (SRCG) and has an operating Steering Committee and several specific committees in place to take on varying responsibilities.

The garden was expanded in 2010 and 2011. In 2013, 49 families were gardening.

In June 2013, City council unanimously voted to pass bylaws related to the road closure west of the garden and to the rezoning of the garden area to parkland. Our plan is now to expand the garden on the reclaimed road.

Our aims

  • Mission statement | Strathcona Community Garden’s mission is to provide gardening opportunities and education for members committed to the work and enjoyment involved by providing support, structure and governance.
  • Vision Statement
    Our Strathcona Community Garden vision is for a place of beauty and serenity, where people of all ages can share in the great contentment of gardening. It’s a place for learning healthy, sustainable ways of producing food and flowers in cooperation with others. This garden is an asset to the community.


Values of the Community Gardeners

  • Responsibility: dedicated to the community, fellow gardeners for maintaining the garden; dedicated to continuous improvement of the garden;
  • Respect: for each member’s contribution and needs; respect for land, others and self; eating good organic food; respect for other’s opinions
  • Integrity: in relationships in the group and in interacting with others
  • Stewardship: keeping the garden sustainable; the idea of putting back into the soil and taking care of the land
  • Co-operation: Sharing resources and knowledge; working together for common benefit;
  • Empowerment: the garden and gardeners empower each other to be self- sufficient and know they are capable of achieving success. Especially in these difficult economic times, we need to be able to do things for ourselves;
  • Generosity: sharing of wisdom, education and food;
  • Reciprocity: Sharing is not necessarily the same or equal, but all the gardeners know they are supported for mutual benefit.
  • Optimism: Belief in the possibilities of the garden.


To be a member of our garden you need to be a resident of either the Garneau, Strathcona or Queen Alexandra community. All first year gardeners are assigned a ½ plot ( 120 square feet) to grow their own produce.  These gardeners can then request to move to a full plot (240 square feet) the following year if there is space available.  Members are required to attend a compulsory group meeting at the beginning of the season in May and another in October. Members must also volunteer for  one of our committees and work at least 1 hr at each of our garden work bees during the season (usually once a month from June to October) . There is a fee of $20 per year (you also need to be a member of our community league). Please contact Barbara Sander for further information