Directors and Committees

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For board job descriptions please follow this link to a Word document that details roles and responsibilities of each position.

Executive Directors


Maureen Duguay

The president is the most frequently seen and heard member of the community league and its board. They also coordinate the monthly board meetings and keep the board on track through its many programs and activities.

Vice President

Conrad Nobert

The vice president can step in and fill any of the President’s roles and duties, including chairing the monthly board meeting.


Colleen Taralson

The treasurer oversees the league’s finances and keeps the board updated on the annual budget. Working with budget and audit committees, the treasurer keeps the money on track and plans for the league’s future.


John de Haan

The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at each board meeting, ensuring there is a record of what happened and what decisions were made, allowing league membership to know what the board is doing on their behalf.

Past President

Jeff Samsonow

A new position to Strathcona Centre executive, the past president is the most recent president who stays on to ensure continuity of the board and work with the new president.

Committee Chairs

Each committee has detailed roles and responsibilities within the community league. Please follow this link to see what each committee is responsible for.


Co-Chairs: Lois Hameister and Jeanie McDonnell

The membership committee is responsible for recruiting league members and selling memberships.


Chair: Delianne Meenhorst

Information about and from the community league can be found in many places, including a published newsletter delivered to homes in the neigbourhood by volunteers, this website, our Facebook group, and Twitter account. The publicity/newsletter committee stays on top of it all and coordinates communications to membership and the wider community.



The Programs committee organizes summer and winter programming for children with the City of Edmonton and coordinates regular groups for parents and families.

Building and Grounds

Chair: Benjamin Tucker

The Building and Grounds committee helps manage the facilities, including infrastructure renewal.

Hall Use


If you have a question about what rooms our community hall has available to rent, or how we can better utilize the building, the Hall Use committee will have the answers. More information about rentals can also be found on our Hall Rentals page.

Social Committee

Chair: Vahid Ayan

Pub nights, barbecues, family fun nights, skating parties, the social committee can do it all, making Strathcona a fun and active neighbourhoood.


Chair: Simon Thomas

Most parents will likely come to know their community leagues through children’s sports. Strathcona Centre works with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association to offer outdoor soccer in the spring and summer and indoor play through the winter. This committee makes sure every child has a chance to play soccer close to home.

Civics and Planning

Chair: Grant Moore

Community leagues have a unique position to forward the wishes of the larger community in discussion with property developers and the City of Edmonton’s planners. The Civics committee is the league’s voice on new builds and redeveloped properties.



The Fundraising Committee is responsible for league fundraising initiatives. The league also participates in a casino every two years.


Chair:  Barry Hickie

Strathcona is continually becoming one of Edmonton’s safest neighbourhoods. Through this committee’s work with neighbours, community organizations, and the Edmonton Police Service it can stay safe and enjoyable for all residents and visitors.

Community and Neighbours

Co-Chairs:  Kelly Fox and John Watson

This committee is tasked with coordinating better outcomes for neighbours in relation to large community events, such as festivals.

Green Initiatives

Chair: Brenda Reid

The Strathcona Centre Community League is dedicated to promoting environmentally-friendly planning and creating a green and liveable neighbourhood. The Green Committee acts on these ideas through consultation and events.

Community Garden

Chair:  Kelly Binnington

Neighbourhood Renewal Ad-Hoc Committee

Chair: Conrad Nobert

This committee is responsible for leading the community planning and consultation around our Neighbourhood Renewal, slated to begin in 2019.

Liaisons with external groups:

Old Strathcona Area Community Council

The Old Strathcona Area Community Council (OSACC) is a group of businesses and organizations that meets monthly to discuss issues of note for the neighbourhood, including large events, community safety, and relationships between the organizations. Groups include our own league, the Edmonton Public Library, Edmonton Police Service, Old Strathcona Business Association, YESS, and others.

CACCL Representative

The Central Area Council of Community Leagues (CACCL) is a group of leagues south of the river that meet on a monthly basis to discuss and further issues of interest to neighbouring communities, including transportation, planning and development, and community safety.

SCCL Job Descriptions (click link to open or download board job descriptions)

SCCL Committee Terms of Reference (click link to open or download committee terms of reference)

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