Are you our New Urban Poling Instructor?

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Urban Poling Instructor

SCCL is looking for two community members that would like to join our Urban Poling Instructor, Melanie Kidder, to expand our walking groups. If you register your interest as instructor, we will contact you to discuss your availability and motivation.


A training session, free of charge, will be provided by Edmonton Federation of Community League. For those working as (fitness) instructor already, the training for Urban Poling will provide you with a credit.

The training will be held on:

  • Saturday, April 7, 2018, 11 am – 3pm



If you are interested to become an Urban Poling Instructor, please send an email before January, 3th to let us know you are interested in becoming an instructor. You can contact us through the contact form:

EFCL is offering a limited number of spots for all leagues together. A spot is not guaranteed. If you would like to become an urban poling instructor for the SCCL, you need to be a member of our community league.


What are the benefits of Urban Poling?

Urban Poling (also known as Nordic walking) – think cross-country skiing without the skis – has toning, calorie-burning and posture benefits that have made it popular in Europe for decades and a new workout favorite in Canada. Just grab your poles and go!

It whittles your waist – Abdominal muscles tighten each time you push off with your poles. That is the equivalent of 1,000 abdominal contractions every kilometre or 1,800 each mile!

Your knees and hips will thank you – The poles let you offload weight from your hips and knees into your upper body. You can walk further, faster or even pain-free.

It revs up the calorie burning – Research shows that Urban Poling burns on average up to 20% more calories than standard walking. Wow!

It sculpts your arms and shoulders – Urban Poling uses 90% of your muscles – especially those underused upper body muscles. Hello short sleeves!

It helps balance your blood sugar – The full-body Urban Poling workout helps keep blood sugars in a healthy range.

You will straighten up and feel more confident – Your upper back muscles (the ones that pull your shoulders back) tighten each time you plant your poles and press down on the ergonomic handles.

You can adjust the intensity – Urban Poling is an energizing activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age and athletic ability. Just press on the ergonomic handles with more or less intensity to modify your pace.