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by Maureen Duguay – President Strathcona Centre Community League

On March 20, Peigi Rockwell, Michael Boire and I presented to council on behalf of the Strathcona Community League. We used the information gleaned from our community wide survey to support our concerns regarding the South Park proposal. As you may now be aware council chose to ignore our concerns and approved the South Park development. While this development will enhance Whyte Avenue from a business perspective and fill in some empty lots, it is again taking away from the historic character of Whyte Ave. that is so valued by our community as affirmed by our community survey.

Again council recognized that there is not an approved plan for the area and again we have an approval that goes against our existing ARP.

There still will be opportunities to provide our voice to Plan Whyte but as Councillor Henderson shared yesterday with council, he is concerned that we as a community will not see the value in providing community input as our voices seem not to be listened to.

I would like to recognize that Councillor Henderson raised many of our concerns and represented the community as best he could with council.

Our next steps will be to continue to dialog with councillors regarding the process and the fact that development continues to take place without a new approved plan. I would like to thank Elinor Burwash and Barbara Sander who also came to speak on the communities behalf. Mark Anielski and the Civics and Planning committees cannot be thanked enough for all they have done with the community survey and lobbying the city on our behalf.  Donna Fong and the army of volunteers made it possible for us to get such a tremendous response to our survey. Delianne Meenhorst and Karen Roswell have also been working hard to ensure we are communicating effectively. Amazing Delianne does this while she is at work in Holland. I also want to thank everyone who has taken part in the whole process of communicating your views on what is valued by each of you in our community. Please continue to do so. Sustainable Development has to record our written input into their reports.

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