A throw back to summer | Canada 150 Event | Sept 16-17

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What a good time to look back at some warmer days. Mid September SCCL organised ‘Canada 150 Event’; a two-day event organised in collaboration with The King Edward Elementary School Parent Council and The King Edward After School Program.

It featured an outdoor movie night on Saturday, September 16 and a barbeque on Sunday, September 17 with entertainment from local musicians, games and crafts for the children, storytellers focusing on history. Premier Rachel Notley brought greetings and spoke of the valuable contributions made by community leagues and its volunteers. Further Premier Notley and councilor Ben Henderson dedicated a bench to family Reg and Helen Gillespie. In earlier years Reg was president of the community league and the founder of our community hall. Reg Gillespie passed away this year in February. His wife Helen Gillespie is still very much involved with our community.

The event was a big success. More than 150 people attended the event. Of course, SCCL could not have done this without all the people and organisations in our community. We would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors that donated their time and effort to make this event a wonderful day for our community.



  • Aaron Duguay,
  • Aisling and Aoife Devlin O’Connor,
  • Ann Matheson
  • Azam Nikzad,
  • Betty Lou Kidder,
  • Berna Ponich,
  • Ceilin Family,
  • Colleen Taralson,
  • Dale chapman,
  • Delianne Meenhorst,
  • Donna Fong,
  • Frank Burgess,
  • Gary Duguay,
  • Hedvig Nenzen,
  • Helen Gillespie,
  • Jan Black Stewart,
  • Jan Olson,
  • Jeanie McDonnell,
  • Jerome Cranston,
  • John de Haan,
  • Katie Chapman,
  • Kelly Binnington
  • King Edward Child Care Centre,
  • Logan Rogers,
  • Lois Hameister,
  • Maureen Duguay,
  • Melanie Kidder,
  • Melissa Conlon-Fitzpatrick
  • Mike Waith,
  • Nafisa Unwala,
  • Nathan and Heidi Carroll,
  • Ross Bradford,
  • Rudolf Breti,
  • Ryley Schmidt,
  • Sadiq Unwala
  • Shelagh Campbell,
  • Vahid Ayan,
  • Zoe Epp.


Music Bands

  • Dale Chapman and Barefoot Big Band
  • Jerome Cranston and the rebel Orchestra
  • Michael Dougherty and the Ukulele band
  • Frank Burgess and the Trinity Band



  • Big Rock,
  • BlackByrd Music
  • City of Edmonton,
  • Daawat Restaurant,
  • K&K Foodliner
  • Laurel on Whyte
  • No Frills,
  • Pride Edmonton
  • Starbucks.