Vision and Principles for Strathcona’s Neighbourhood Redesign

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Strathcona Community is getting its streets and sidewalks renewed in 2019-2023. The league has engaged with the city in order to create a concept plan to improve walkability and bikeability in the neighbourhood (much more info here).

In early 2018, there will be an engagement process with the community to see how residents feel about the Vision and Required Elements that the league submitted to the City in mid-2017. Here they are:


The streets, sidewalks and intersections of Strathcona Centre Neighbourhood are safe, comfortable, beautiful, and accessible to all users. Strathcona Centre is Edmonton’s first Vision Zero Neighbourhood.


  1. There is a low volume of vehicles driving on residential streets. Vehicles are almost exclusively accessing buildings located on residential streets in the neighbourhood.
  2. Car speeds are 30 km/h or slower. There is a vertical or horizontal deflection every 100 metres or less.
  3. Pedestrians have the shortest possible distances to cross intersections. Sidewalk placement, design, and details favour pedestrian comfort and safety.
  4. Sidewalks are considered critical transportation infrastructure, and therefore a fully-connected and complete grid of sidewalks on both sides of every street exists throughout Strathcona Centre Community.
  5. Residents live within two blocks of a network of bike routes that is designed for all ages and abilities.
  6. Infrastructure prioritizes the movement of mobility-challenged and vulnerable users.
  7. Infrastructure showcases Strathcona’s historic character and natural beauty in the selection of quality design and choice of materials.
  8. Residents have access to on-street parking.