Request for feedback: Portable toilet in Tubby Bateman Park

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Used with permission through a Creative Commons license.

Tubby Batemen Park – Photo by Arthur Gouveia (Used with permission through a Creative Commons license.)

The Strathcona Centre Community League has been approached to apply to the City of Edmonton to install a portable toilet in W.C. “Tubby” Bateman Park for the summer. The league would then also cover the monthly fee to have the toilet on-site and cleaned on a regular basis (roughly $125/month).

While the City manages all of our official parks and playgrounds, it’s up to smaller, community groups to take on some regular or semi-regular items, such as the installation (including cost) of a portable toilet.

The board of the community league discussed this at our last meeting (June 13) and felt that we should solicit any feedback there may be about installing a portable toilet before approving the request. (This does not, however, preclude interested park users in making the same request of another group or organization to “sponsor” the application with the City parks department).

If you have any thoughts about a portable toilet in Tubby Bateman Park this summer, please let us know in the comments below or by contacting myself, or another board member, by email through our contact page.

Reminder – Last Pub Night!

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Pub Night: Friday, June 17th – Beer Tasting – 10 beers from 10 different Alberta breweries!  Wine, coolers, pop and snacks also available.

8pm, in the lounge – upstairs at (10139 87 Ave)

No Pub Night in July and August.

Ash Tree Removal on 100 Street

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Edmonton treesThis is an update to an earlier request from the City for comment on tree removals. Below you’ll find a brief note from the urban forester assigned to the project and a letter from the developer of the “Arbor at Avenue 83” (also attached as a PDF). There will be new trees planted to replace the ones being removed, so please let the urban forester, Trevor Thistle, know where the new trees could be planted.

From the City of Edmonton:

Re: Ash Tree Removals at 10006-83 Avenue

After much discussion with the property owner and the builder, The City of Edmonton Urban Forester for the area has concluded that 2 trees must be removed in order to complete the project. Please read the letter below that has been provided to the community by the developer.

The removal of these 2 trees will fund the planting of at least 7 new trees within Strathcona, resulting in urban forest growth. The City is looking for resident feedback on the tree species and locations for the trees.

Please feel free to email your ideas to Suggestions will be passed onto the landscape architect to be considered for finial design. Please type “Strathcona Arbor tree replacements” in the subject line. Please send your email by October 1, 2016.

From the property developer:

Dear Community Respondent,

We are writing to you in conjunction with the City’s response with regard to the tree removal on the Arbor site at 10006 83 Avenue, notice of which was posted recently on the Strathcona Community League web site.

First of all, please accept our thanks for your time in responding to the posting and in expressing your concerns. We think it will be helpful to provide you with additional context and reasons for the tree removal.

  • The removal of these two trees is not being taken lightly by the Developer; however, the removal must proceed because of the requirements of the building. In the original plan for the site, the Developer intended to retain these trees. However, since that time, the location of the building’s transformer became an issue. The City, Epcor and the Developer spent about two months going to and fro on the location for the transformer. The selected site is the only location that is feasible for all parties concerned and requires the removal of the trees.
  • The condition and location of the trees is such that the City’s forestry representative has communicated that the trees would be removed in the next few years regardless of the project. Also, per the Forestry department, the removal of these trees will generate revenue to plant more permanent trees in the neighbourhood, creating urban forest growth. More information is contained in the message from the City.
  • As you may know, the Developer has made every effort to preserve the trees on the site, particularly the majestic American Elm – an effort that is taken very seriously and considered important. The Developer also has, at its own initiative, hoarded off the boulevard trees to better protect them from the construction process. The Developer has put considerable effort and expense into preserving the Elm, and in providing other “living green” amenities such as greening pots for each balcony. Additionally, the Arbor’s development includes a landscaping plan that will provide trees and shrubbery, and bring more greenery to the beauty of Old Strathcona.

We hope that this email goes some distance toward providing you, as interested and concerned Community members – a community in which we are striving to be a good member – with an understanding of the reasons behind the tree removal. Thank you very much once again for your time and attention.

Yours truly,

Mitchell Patrick, Director The Arbor At Avenue 83

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<p>SCCL board member Mark Anielski and artist Carveor Triggs.</p>

Rink Murals

SCCL board member Mark Anielski and artist Carveor Triggs.

<p>The installation team!</p>

Rink Murals

The installation team!

<p>Rink murals by Carveor Triggs and hall mural from iHuman.</p>

Rink and Hall Murals

Rink murals by Carveor Triggs and hall mural from iHuman.

<p>Rink murals by Carveor Triggs with inspiration from students of King Edward School.</p>

Rink Mural Installation

Rink murals by Carveor Triggs with inspiration from students of King Edward School.

<p>Rink murals by Carveor Triggs and hall mural from iHuman.</p>

Rink and Hall Murals

Rink murals by Carveor Triggs and hall mural from iHuman.

<p>Rink murals by Carveor Triggs with inspiration from students of King Edward School.</p>

Rink Murals

Rink murals by Carveor Triggs with inspiration from students of King Edward School.

<p>Putting the murals onto the exterior rink boards.</p>

Rink Mural Installation

Putting the murals onto the exterior rink boards.