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Dear Residents of Old Strathcona Community

As you may already know, the partnership of Bateman and ONE Properties are requesting rezoning of their property at the northwest corner of 99 Street and 89 Avenue NW (9904 & 9920 – 99 Street NW and 9922, 9924 and 9926 89 Avenue NW). This is the site of the existing Wild Earth Foods, Cafe & Bakery property.

As a resident of Old Strathcona, the City of Edmonton is encouraging you to voice your opinion, concerns, suggested changes and vision for the redevelopment of this important location and the 99 Street corridor by writing/emailing City Planning as well as the Mayor and City Council.

The site is currently zoned a combination of the following two zones: (CNC) Neighbourhood Convenience Commercial Zone for the current commercial buildings, and (RA7) Low Rise Apartment Zone applied to the empty lots to the west. The rezoning proposal for the entire area is for a (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision, a customized zone that allows for a mixture of uses on the same property, but also allows for more specificity regarding the design of buildings. The first version of the proposal included a single 31-storey tower with commercial space on the ground floor; the most recent proposal, which is what they hope to take forward for Council approval, would now allow for two apartment/condo towers of reduced height:

  • West Tower: approximately 18 storeys with townhouse style units at ground level
  • East Tower: approximately 15 storeys with commercial uses at ground level
  • Maximum of 242 residential units
  • Parking provided underground.

Amendments to the Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) are also proposed; currently the policies of the plan identify this location for neighbourhood-serving commercial services and apartments of 4-6 storeys.

The decision City Council will make sometime in March or April 2018 about this development will determine the future of development of the 99 Street corridor.

Please email your personal opinions to shape City Council’s decision about the proposed rezoning request to the following:


Andrew McLellan has requested that your emails be sent to him no later than January 26, 2018.